Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hmmm Just my opinion.

Lately I have been getting a lot of questions in my email regarding vaccinations and Autism.  Questions all basically wanting to know if I think that Autism is caused from the vaccinations?

  Here is my honest opinion.  As a mom to four beautiful children, my youngest is the child with Autism.  All have been vaccinated.  Is there a chance that vaccines cause Autism?  I am sure there is a chance that they could.  However I would rather have my child vaccinated then to ever have them endure any of the diseases or health risks that could be associated with not being vaccinated.  So if in doubt spread them out.  You do not have to have all the shots at one appointment.  Be your childs advocate and say I choose to have one at a time two at a time or what ever and that you are willing to come back for the follow up appointments.  Easy as that.

Good morning

Well today I woke up and feel a little better than I was feeling the past couple of days.  The only downside is my throat is still on fire.

  However the sun is shining the birds are singing and the kids are heading off to school. 

  So what does this mom have planned for today?  Funny you should ask or hell even want to know.  Well today I am getting ready to do some stuff for the book I have been feverishly writing off and on for the last 18 months.  Just when I think I have it figured out there is a change a little change that becomes a significant change.  None the less, I will get it done and hopefully sooner than later.  I am also going to start my newest fundraiser endeavor which is getting my recipe book written.  I have high expectations of what should be in a recipe book so as you can see this is another one of those long drawn out projects of mine.

  On a more recent note I have been asked to do a photo shoot of a band that is trying to reunite.  I have accepted and think it will be a lot of fun.  I love photography and just the thought that the person automatically thought of me to do their photography was honor enough, not only did he ask me do to the band photos but he asked me to do a family portrait.  How cool?  I am totally psyched.

  Okay well this is enough of my morning ramblings.  I have many things to get done whether it be a chapter of the book I am writing, a few appetizers for the cookbook, or setting appointments for Katrinkets Momma is busy so off I must go.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Flash Friday 55 (Believe)

Days come and go
friend come and go
there is a saying that
everyone enters your life
for a reason or a season

I believe this
I believe some enter to
challenge us

I believe some enter to encourage
I believe some enter to bring the comic relief.

However I like the ones that are there
for all of it.
I like the ones that can offer a shoulder, a word of advice
a knowing nod, a touch of the hand and I especially love those
that can bring me that much needed comic relief.

I am thankful for all of those people that have remained
my true friends through all of lifes challenges.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Flash Friday 55 (Back in the Day)

A slight breeze blows against me
dandelions dance in the field
The sun shining through
and billowy clouds, that look
like marshmallows high above
my head.

I sit on a wooden swing
fastened to the big oak tree
I can hear other giggling
running, somersaulting
just playing having a great time

Lemon aid, and games of tags
endless hours in the fresh air.
Catching worms and going to
a nearby fishing spot

Back in the day