Friday, February 4, 2011

No Fast food Challenge for 30 Days (Day1)

Well after delivering the news to the kids last night that I have set forth a challenge that everyone has to partake in and that is the challenge of no fast food for 30 days.  The sound was quiet at first followed by "well thanks for telling us from the oldest who just scarfed down McD's chicken nuggets, followed by a few more "ohhh what are you seriouses?" from the middle and youngest daughters, and then the "ohhhh man" from my lil guy.  Well it is now 10:59am on the morning of  day 1 and I am proud to say all is going well.  Everyone was on board and willing to take to the challenge.  So we will continue this journey and hopefully everyone will survive for thirty days.  I think it is so worth the challenge the reward I think is going to be and I am hoping that everyone will feel a whole lot better with themselves and see what a high caloric intake it is to eat fast food as often as most of us do.  Ciao for now

Thursday, February 3, 2011


"I don't see why a change in a time or schedule makes such a difference."  "That kid is wierd cause he won't play with playdoh."  "What do you mean he only eats those few things?"  Its called Autism, its called sensory issues.  Stop being so ignorant.  If people would just think before they speak, or heres a thought you see someone having a hard time why not go over and say "may I help you with something?"  Theres a thought right?  Well you know what unless you have been through it, unless you have spent all night awake in a chair in a hospital room cause your kid has been critically ill, or maybe you just had to cover yourself with fingerpaint in order to get him to take that first step and realize that even though its slimy and its messy its okay and yes you can be cleaned up at the end of a play session don't criticize, don't analyze.  Sit down shut up and marvel at these kids who are smarter than most, they just don't have the social skills and hey they don't like everything that you throw at them.  Oh and heres another thing just because they get vocal or have a meltdown there not misbehaving or are bad kids they are expressing themselves the only way they can.  Oh and that kid ya you know the one the one that flaps his arms, spins in circles, or perhaps rocks, or hums he is not deaf or retarded, stupid or ignoring you!!!  He is stemming and this is his way of calming down so let him/her do what it is they need to do to feel comfortable.  Again if you aren't educated about Autism take a minute google it or even better walk up to someone and say "hey have you ever heard of Autism?"  Guarantee that person will know someone who knows someone who has Autism.  So before you judge think before you speak, if you can help by holding a grocery bag or something to help that mom or dad out do that and trust me you will either see a big smile or even see a few tears but it will be tears of thankfulness that someone somewhere offered a hand even if its just a small gesture.

Its time

Its time to make a change and to be really serious about it.  Fast food is not a way of life and should be one of those things that are in strict moderation.  Many of us due to the hussle and bustle of life it just seems to be the most convenient thing we can do.  Well not anymore as of tomorrow there will be a challenge in my house.  The challenge will be like the challenge that was brought to the big screen back a few years ago.  The movie super size it when the actor ate fast food for 30 days.  This time the challenge will be not to stop and eat anything from a fast food place in thirty days this includes the kids.  We as adults have to set examples so tonight will be there last night of fast food for 30 complete days.  Can we do it?  I don't know but it sure is worth a try and I am willing to blog all thirty days about it. 

Friday, January 14, 2011

Flash Friday 55 (Oh let it melt!)

Glittering bright.

Flake by flake
we watched it fall.

A pretty sight,
at first.

Dreams of snowmen,
and snowball fights
I will defeat!

With Screams of glee
No School Today!

Mom now dreams of white sand
at my feet. Not the 17 inches of white snow
that almost touches my seat.

TGIF everyone!