Thursday, February 3, 2011

Its time

Its time to make a change and to be really serious about it.  Fast food is not a way of life and should be one of those things that are in strict moderation.  Many of us due to the hussle and bustle of life it just seems to be the most convenient thing we can do.  Well not anymore as of tomorrow there will be a challenge in my house.  The challenge will be like the challenge that was brought to the big screen back a few years ago.  The movie super size it when the actor ate fast food for 30 days.  This time the challenge will be not to stop and eat anything from a fast food place in thirty days this includes the kids.  We as adults have to set examples so tonight will be there last night of fast food for 30 complete days.  Can we do it?  I don't know but it sure is worth a try and I am willing to blog all thirty days about it. 

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