Friday, February 4, 2011

No Fast food Challenge for 30 Days (Day1)

Well after delivering the news to the kids last night that I have set forth a challenge that everyone has to partake in and that is the challenge of no fast food for 30 days.  The sound was quiet at first followed by "well thanks for telling us from the oldest who just scarfed down McD's chicken nuggets, followed by a few more "ohhh what are you seriouses?" from the middle and youngest daughters, and then the "ohhhh man" from my lil guy.  Well it is now 10:59am on the morning of  day 1 and I am proud to say all is going well.  Everyone was on board and willing to take to the challenge.  So we will continue this journey and hopefully everyone will survive for thirty days.  I think it is so worth the challenge the reward I think is going to be and I am hoping that everyone will feel a whole lot better with themselves and see what a high caloric intake it is to eat fast food as often as most of us do.  Ciao for now

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