Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Sun. A poem its been awhile I thought I would give it a whirl

Golden Orb so high
Smiling down upon us, glowing
warmth emits on us

Your presence never knowing
will you be shadowed with clouds
or is it a peek a boo type of day

We welcome your warmth
nurturing, us with your rays

Millions of miles away
you still know how to
draw a crowd.

Your blazing beauty
never seems to grow old.

A beautiful site
whose soul duty
is to shine bright

Your beauty is something to behold.

Written by:Angie


  1. Such a warm poem. I loved reading it because I'm feeling a bit cold at the moment.
    Oh and welcome back..., for some reason I feel as though I should write Kotter after that, lol!

  2. I like it!!

    I hope you come over and ply your poems at One Stop periodically